Garden & Landscape

The formal garden area grew organically from the initial plantings based on a developed understanding of the wet and dry areas, seasonal impacts and time spent tending and enjoying the space. From this a captivating garden landscape evolved that now covers a 2-3-acre area of the property. In addition to the main garden section, with its wandering walkways and rooms, gardens surround the house, hug the fence lines and driveways provide ever changing colour and form to the landscape. To enhance the already beautiful flowers, trees and shrubs, a quirky range of paintings, sculptures and other artwork is scattered throughout, offering something to look at and enjoy at every turn. The cottages also enjoy their own private garden areas that add to their seclusion and connection to the landscape.


Bolli’s Yard, which houses a huge 100 year old Oak trees, one of the original 5 trees on the property, was initially built for Deb’s puppy Miss Bollinger and is a walled yard area that is perfect for dogs and kids alike to play safely. Over the years the children of many visiting family and friends have been invited to paint the corregated iron walls to create a colourful display. Now the resting place for Bolli where her ‘ode’ and memory lies, it is the play area for new dog Barney. More recently a beautiful slab of wood has been crafted into a stunning Oak Bar attached to the old tree and surrounded by fairy and spot lights and it is a wonderful spot for a happy hour drink at the end of the day.

A secret garden room was created next, surrounded by red walls and bamboo to create a Japanese themed garden escape. Entering across and tiny bridge and overlooking a small pool, comfy seats are placed in a serene private space is cool on a hot day and perfectly protected from the wind and elements during the cold winters. Surrounding the garden Japanese themed structures continue with a Gong, chimes and bamboo painting.

The French garden is a little slice of heaven where you can be one with nature as small birds flutter and bathe in the small pond oblivious of human activity. The circular seating area, with a small fire grate in the centre, has two cherub statues, a planted urn and arched bench seats. The structure sits amongst maple trees that change colour with every season. A gorgeous Wisteria plant with its spectacular blue flowers sweeps and hangs over head to enhance the purples and blues of the many other pretty plants and flowers in the quaint space. A perfect spot for a champagne at any time of year.

SOME of the many garden features include:

  • The Great Wall of Tom; this extraordinary 40 metre structure has been built from a mix of collectables, local historical bricks, knick-knacks and trinkets and is a flight of fancy to enjoy
  • Native grass garden scape; This winding feature includes a number of indigenous inspired totem poles
  • Bolli’s Yard; (originally created as a safe haven for kids and dogs) a stunning slab of stained wood nestled under a huge Oak tree (one of the few original trees on the block) features an ‘Oak Bar’, the perfect location for evening drinks under the spot lit tree branches and fairy lights
  • Birch Forest way; set under a canopy of white birch tree trunks
  • Tea Pot Alley; a collection of fascinating tea pots, cups and saucers, gifted and sourced from all over the world, all combined together to create an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ escape including a small installation dedicated to ‘mad hatters tea party’
  • Gnome City; initially grew out childhood pranks with Deb’s mum and a small collection of tiny gnomes scattered amongst the plants, and is now a secret forest of gnome characters hiding under cover of the pine trees above
  • Owl Village; a collection of owl characters and ornaments
  • Red Gum Sculpture garden; an artistic display of 3 beautiful giant red gum slabs
  • French Garden; including cherub sculpture’s and small pond where the birds flutter and bathe oblivious to human company, this divine circular seating area covered with Jasmine, is a beautiful space
  • Japanese Garden; a secluded spot for quiet reflection, this enclosed garden room is surrounded by Bamboo and designed in Japanese inspired ‘bold red’ architecture, themed artwork including bamboo chimes and a gong
  • Rose Walk; a short but colourful pathway of rose bushes enclosed between two climbing rose covered arbours and opening out into a circular patch of blossoming crab apple trees
  • The Succulent Trail; an enormous cacti and succulent garden that winds over two levels below the vineyards and contains an extensive array of creatively displayed plants
  • Fern Corner; a quiet little shady corner filled with ferns and lush leafy plants including 2 enormous aged Elk ferns
  • Bulb Garden; a bulb packed garden that separates the landscape towards the B&B’s and offer a mass of ever-changing colour (pinks, reds, purples and blues) as the bulb rotate across the season
  • Salvia Patch; for the lovers of Salvia’s over 50 different colours and types of Salvia’s displayed en-masse
  • Bush Track; a central patch of native bush, planted specifically to create a native haven for fauna, bird and insect life, with a winding pathway featuring creative native animal characters

Black Duck Farm is well known in the community for its extraordinary gardens, and for its annual display of spectacular Christmas lights that spread throughout. The gardens attract many visitors, local, interstate and abroad, some friends and family and others staying at the Bed & Breakfast cottages. Tom & Deb are frequently asked to open their gardens for viewing, either to locals or visiting garden groups and they have happily participated in Open Garden days for charity and local community fund raising events. It is not uncommon for wedding parties to choose the location for photographs and the property has hosted an entire wedding event in the past.

More often the gardens are simply a place to wander and enjoy day to day. Tom and Deb never tire of embracing what they have created and annually celebrate milestones and special occasions in one or all of the delightful garden spaces. It is also a place where the community gathers socially and as a community. The annual Black Duck Christmas gathering (the official lighting of the xmas light display) gathers the whole of Wooreen together around the ‘Great Wall of Tom’ and the neighbours, with wine in hand, wander the gardens to see what ‘new garden installations’ have been added. Many a ‘happy hour’ has been hosted and enjoyed at the Oak Bar, French or Japanese Gardens or in one of the many stunning garden locations.